In today's post-modern culture of relativism and a "liquid gospel," Sola Scriptura Magazine brings us back to the roots of Scriptural authority and its application to life. This diverse publication is filled with layman-friendly articles from Christian living to prophecy, the History of the Bible to Missions, original-language word studies, and more. The magazine is written by Sola's teaching staff, with guest writers also contributing to each issue.

Sola Scriptura Magazine is a publication of Sola Scriptura, a non-profit ministry that is devoted to affirming the authenticity, accuracy, and authority of the Bible - the standard for truth.

The pages of Sola Scriptura Magazine are designed to be evangelistic and pastoral in nature: evangelistic in that the magazine is dedicated to proclaiming and defending the historic gospel of Jesus Christ; pastoral in that the magazine is committed to equipping and encouraging believers through sound, biblical doctrine.



Issue Index

Autumn 2002 - Issue 1 - Features - DOWNLOAD ISSUE
Sola Scriptura: Martin Luther's Stand
- Herb Samworth
Backtrack: Correcting Our Course for the Twenty-First Century - Dan Hayden
The Authority of Biblical Prophecy: Do Nostradamus and the Bible Code Measure Up? - Gary Vaterlaus
Why Another Magazine?: A Voice in an Era of Postmodernism - Charles Cooper

Winter 2003 - Issue 2 - Features - DOWNLOAD ISSUE
Why I Believe the Bible: God Did Write a Book
- James MacDonald
Bible Study Is Not Enough: Avoiding the Ditch of Bibliolatry
- Dan Hayden
Truth That Grabs the Heart: Showing Not Telling the Gospel - Charles Cooper
Spring 2003 - Issue 3 - Features - DOWNLOAD ISSUE
The Pretender: In Search of the Real Word of God -
Dan Hayden
It's the Whole Thing: The Place of Faith
James MacDonald
The Mystery Remains: If You Do Not Know - Charles Cooper
Free Throw - An Interview with Tom Randall
Summer 2003 - Issue 4 - Features - DOWNLOAD ISSUE
Storm-Proof Your Family
- James MacDonald
A Tale of Two Castles: The Problem and The Solution - Ken Ham
Acts of the Word - An Interview with Marquis Laughlin
Winter 2003 - Issue 5 - Features - DOWNLOAD ISSUE
This Wolf Is Real!
- Charles Cooper
Christ at Work in Me Today - James MacDonald
When Life's a Wreck - An Excerpt from the book by Dan Hayden
Spring 2004 - Issue 6 - Features - DOWNLOAD ISSUE
Darkness out of the East: Postmodernism and the Vedic Text of Hinduism
- Dan Hayden
One of God's Favorite Words - James MacDonald
Words and Music - An Interview with Michael Card
Summer 2004 - Issue 7 - Features - DOWNLOAD ISSUE
Why Is There a New Testament?
- Dan Hayden
Learning from the Past: Is "Tradition" a Bad Word? - Herb Samworth
Why Did Jesus Have to Suffer? - James MacDonald
Autumn 2004 - Issue 8 - Features - DOWNLOAD ISSUE
The Grand Illusion: The Deception of Another Gospel
- Dan Hayden
Eat It Up! Five Ways to Consume God's Word - James MacDonald
Words Count: The Eternal Security of the Elect - Charles Cooper
Bible Software: Where Should You Begin? - George Fredericks




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