Sola Scriptura is committed to developing and producing radio broadcast programming that affirms the authenticity, accuracy, and authority of the Bible - the standard for truth.

Our daily program is a two-minute feature called A WORD FROM THE WORD. In each program, Dr. Dan Hayden examines an original Greek or Hebrew word in its context within a verse. This brief daily study helps us expand our understanding of the Scriptures and shows us how to apply the Word of God to our daily life.

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Dr. Dan Hayden is among those whom you could call uniquely gifted of God. With the ability to communicate difficult biblical concepts in ways that are easy to follow, one comes away from his teaching with a broader, more complete understanding of biblical truths and themes. His keen intellect, down to earth humor, and clear speaking skills make him a joy to listen to and read. With endless enthusiasm for ministry, he is always approachable, and his affable personality makes you an instant friend.

Dan obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree from Wheaton College in Illinois, and for a time worked as a surgical technician at Children's Hospital in Chicago. He planned to go on to medical school, but then felt the call to ministry and redirected his studies to Dallas Theological Seminary where he went on to earn a Master's in Theology. Most recently, Dan completed a Doctor of Ministries from Baptist Bible Seminary in Clark's Summit, Pennsylvania.

After seminary, he began his first full time ministerial position as Youth Pastor then Senior Pastor at Middleton Baptist Church (Madison, WI). Dan spent six years at Fort Wilderness Ministries (Rinelander, WI) as Camp Pastor of this four-seasons camp and conference ministry. Then he received the call to Faith Baptist Church (Orlando, FL), where he served a total of nine years as Senior Pastor. Following this, he went to Clark's Summit, PA to serve on the faculty of Baptist Bible College as Associate Professor of Pastoral Ministries. In addition to teaching, he held the position of Director of Pastoral Ministries. After four years at Baptist Bible College, Dan was called to Grace Church of West Ottawa (Grand Haven, MI) where he was Pastor/Teacher for five years.

Dan serves Sola Scriptura as Director of Ministries and as an Instructor. He and his wife Karilee live in Orlando.



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